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Link Baiting with a Press Release

What is link baiting? Link baiting is narrowly focusing on a single piece of website content or feature so that others will quickly link back to that piece. The intent is to create a viral marketing effect that spreads and,Link Baiting with a Press Release Articles hopefully, gathers backlinks from around the web and blogosphere. A press release, done right, can act as the mechanism which drives the viral action.

In a traditional link baiting scenario, a user would follow a “link” straight to the content or tool being offered on a website. With a press release, it’s actually a two step process. A user would read the press release and then click to the content. The value in using a press release is that it can be distributed on a much wider scale more quickly.

The web has changed the rules  for press releases. Once used as a method to entice journalists to write about a company, press releases have now become the new method to reach buyers directly. Once released through a distribution service, these information packed articles can be read by millions of buyers around the globe, in addition to being picked up by journalists.

So, how do you use a press release for potential link fodder? First, it must be highly compelling. The purpose of a link baiting piece is to catch the eye of someone and be so compelling that they link to the piece from their own website or blog. How does someone get to your compelling content? Through links placed in your press release. Because your press release might be delivered through RSS feeds or on popular news services, creating links from your press release to your content is vital.

Most press releases focus on major happenings within a company. A new owner takes over. A new product or service is launched. One company joins another to form an alliance.