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There are also many unsolved issues in the development progress of smart phone

The replacement of smart phones to other functional phones is an irreversible trend. However,There are also many unsolved issues in the development progress of smart phone Articles this popular trend for smart phone has contained many hidden dangers. Currently, many problems have been occurred into the developmental process of the smart phone such as the weak structure which could make the smart phone easily be broken. On the other hand, the product of smart phone has faced other problem which is that all of the function and appearance for the smart phone is all at the same. As everyone know that smart phones currently on the market are mostly stereotyped Andrew system, same touch screen, likewise dimensions and similar functionality. In that case, the appearing of wholesale rugged phone has a little bit relieved this situation.

Last month, the reporter has interviewed the expert from the famous wholesale rugged phone supplier which website is . The expert has said that security issues of smart phone have become increasingly prominent. With the diversification of mobile phone functions, the programs which users have sell cracked phone installed into the phone have also increased. The problem along with this trend is a variety of security problems. The solution of this problem is not just a simple anti-virus but is related to the anti-harassment, anti- theft anti- deductions and so on. On the other hand, the low battery volume is always a very obvious weakness for today¡¯s smart phone. In addition, the repairing for the brand smart phone is costly. However, for the problem listed above, the wholesale rugged smartphone is just like the good solution to these problems.

Many people would have the feeling that there are also many problems for the developments of smart phone although the smart phone has a bright future. In that case, the smart phones have to pass over the problems such as short battery volume, sercurity issues and other attentively problems. These problems should be paid more attention by all of smart phone manufacturers. However, the producing and research for the wholesale rugged smart phone is the big progress which is related to this problem.

In addition to the above point, the development of smart phones needs to face the different market test. Although most of consumers for functional cell phone in countries such as United States, Japan and Western Europe and other economically developed areas feature phone are rapidly turning to smart phones such as wholesale rugged smart phone, there are also many people in Asia who prefer to us the functional phone. So, the totally development of the smart phone has also had a lone period of time.